Sabre Teak Pen-Brushed Satin

Sabre Teak Pen-Brushed Satin
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Slimline Twist Pen with Elegant Brushed Satin Finish

  • The teak used to create these pens come directly from Sabre
  • Pens are made in Maine
  • Due to the nature of wood, each piece varies in color, markings and character
  • Our pens are crafted one at a time, not mass produced
  • No two pens are identical
  • Teak is a dense, straight grained wood with a coarse texture
  • Each pen is carefully sanded using 80 grit up to 12,000
  • After sanding, each pen is sealed, waxed and finished to a high sheen
  • Pens accept Cross®-style refills
  • The brushed satin hardware is subtle and elegant